nduction cooktop Reviews - Iwatani IWA 1800 Table Top Induction Stove

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Iwatani IWA 1800 Table-Top Induction Stove

As induction cooking fans, Induction Cooktop Reviews knows all types, shapes, and sizes of induction stoves in the market. The Iwatani IWA 1800 Table-Top, as the name suggests, is a portable type of device that can be easily transferred from one place to another without too much trouble. In spite of its small and lightweight design, however, it packs up a lot of features that you might find useful when preparing meals for your family.

nduction cooktop Reviews - Iwatani IWA 1800 Table Top Induction Stove

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Iwatani IWA 1800 Table-Top Induction Stove Key Features

  • Cooking Power – This model has 1800 watts.
  • Single Burner – You can use one cooking vessel at a time.
  • Multiple Power Levels – There are 9 power level settings. 1 is the lowest setting and 9 is the highest setting.
  • Temperature Settings – You can choose from the 7 pre-programmed temperature settings when cooking meals.
  • Auto Shut Off – It automatically shuts off when it detects overheating and burning.
  • Material Compatibility Detection – The unit can detect the type of cookware that you place on top of the burner and it will show on the indicator if the vessel is not induction compatible.
  • Portable Design – Induction Cooktop Reviews has noted that the Iwatani IWA 1800 has a slim and compact frame and will fit in small spaces.
  • Surface Materials – The surface materials are made from Ceran glass.
  • Overheating Protection – A built-in sensor will automatically shut off the power if it detects overheating so as to prevent motor damage.
  • Electronic Controls – It has touch-pad controls embedded on the unit.


Induction Cooktop Reviews – Iwatani IWA 1800 Specs

Brand: Iwatani

Model: IWA 1800

Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches

Product Weight: Approximately 10 pounds

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A High-Powered Portable Induction Stove

This reviewer from Induction Cooktop Reviews is quite impressed with the power of the IWA 1800. While bigger cooking appliances only carry around 1300 watts, this small and compact model boasts of 1800 watts. The maximum setting on this unit is ideal for stir frying and searing as you will need a high heat for those methods of cooking.

Safe Even for Kids

Induction Cooktop Reviews always looks closely at the safety features of cooking appliances. Aside from the automatic shut off system that’s commonly found in induction stoves, this particular model also has a built-in sensor that protects the equipment from being damaged due to overheating. Having a cool surface, even while cooking, also makes it child-friendly.

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Portable Design

The unit’s slim profile makes it ideal for small kitchens and small apartments. You can also use it for a table-top setting if you want to keep your food hot while dining.

A Good Single Burner Stove

Induction Cooktop Reviews is informing you that this model can only accommodate one cooking vessel at a time. But since it has a slim design, you can get additional units and arrange them side by side in your kitchen.

A Versatile Cooking Appliance

 As you can see in the list of features, this table-top induction cooking device has a lot of useful components. It has 9 power levels that allow you choose from a very low setting to a very high setting, and the 7 temperature modes also help you customize your cooking procedures. Induction Cooktop Reviews also notes that it has a 1800-watt motor, which means that it can really get hot.


  • Powerful – It uses 1800 watts.
  • Safe – The unit automatically shuts off when it senses overheating or burning of food.
  • Intelligent design – It can detect if your cookware is induction-compatible or not.
  • Child-friendly – The surface of the cooktop remains cool to the touch even while you’re using it.
  • Portable design – It is small and lightweight, making it ideal for small apartments and kitchens with limited space.


  • Single burner design – It can only accommodate 1 pot at a time. But since this model is very compact, you can get additional units and set them up side by side on your counter.

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Our Recommendation

Based on its features and design, the Iwatani IWA 1800 can deliver well when it comes to induction cooking. We can say that it’s powerful, portable, safe, and energy efficient as well, and that makes it worth the price. Induction Cooktop Reviews is recommending this to apartment dwellers and those with limited space in the kitchen.


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