Induction Cooking Pros and Cons

Induction Cooktop Reviews Talks About Induction Pros And Cons

Induction Cooktop Reviews knows that anyone who spends significant time in the kitchen ends up eventually searching for faster and better cooking technology and methods. Environmental concerns have also found their way into the kitchen, and nowadays, using energy-efficient options have become important to many consumers.  These concerns and priorities have opened the door to […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews FAQ

Induction FAQ’s

No doubt you’ve heard about induction cooking, or seen it on television or even in YouTube videos. You were probably struck by the futuristic and sleek-looking cooktop that boiled water faster than you could proclaim, “Already?”  Induction Cooktop Reviews witnessed induction in action some years ago in a relative’s kitchen. Uncle Clint was the family […]

How Induction Cooking Works - Coil

Induction Cooktop Reviews – How Induction Cooking Works

Induction Cooktop Reviews wrote an article called “How Induction Cooking Works,” along with a handful of articles and reviews explaining how induction cooking works, its ample advantages compared to its disadvantages, why it’s more efficient, safer, cooler, and we crafted the articles painstakingly so that basic questions would be answered for induction cooking beginners, while […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews - Fissler CookStar Induction Pro Portable

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Fissler Cookstar Induction Pro Portable Cooktop

Induction Cooktop Reviews looks at the Fissler Cookstar Induction Pro Portable Cooktop with a critical eyes since we have such high expectations from this brand.  Fissler is a German company, and their cookware sets and knives are recognized all over the world for the superior craft, design and engineering principles embodied by their products.  Is […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews - BergHOFF Double Touch Screen Induction Cooitop b

Induction Cooktop Reviews – BergHOFF Double Touch Screen Induction Cooktop

Our review on the BergHOFF Single burner received so many compliments that Induction Cooktop Reviews decided to look into the double burner model too. This is a more functional unit as you can use two different cooking vessels all at once. Yes, in spite of the fast cooking process associated with induction cooking, we still […]

The BergHOFF Single Burner Induction Cooker

We like portable units of induction stoves as these models are more versatile and user-friendly. With the BergHOFF-Single Touch induction cooker, you will not only be using a modern touch-screen device but a well-rounded stove as well. In spite of its small and compact appearance, it is loaded with features and easy to operate too. […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews Miele KM5753 Touch Control Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop Reviews Looks At Miele KM5753 30” Touch Control

Induction Cooktop Reviews was immediately impressed with the Miele KM5753 model. This unit has a mind-boggling number of features and is at the forefront of the state-of-the-art technology currently being refined in induction cooking. While other brands are still utilizing 3rd Generation technology, Miele makes use of the 4th Generation technology in the configuration settings […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews - Duxtop 8300st

Induction Cooktop Reviews – DUXTOP 8300ST Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Always mindful of our readers’ budgeting issues, Induction Cooktop Reviews makes it a point to continuously search for products that are not only useful but affordable as well. The DUXTOP 8300ST model falls into this category as it costs less than a hundred dollars. Consumers have also rated it positively as it has been found […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews -GE PHP900DMBB

Induction Cooktop Reviews – GE PHP900DMBB Profile 30” Black Electric Induction Cooktop

Ever since Induction Cooktop Reviews started with this site, friends and relatives have become interested in induction cooking and induction stoves. We’re lucky enough to have neighbors whose names we actually know, people we borrow things from sometimes and lend things to, people who ask after family members and who share good news with us […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews - Vollrath

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Range

The Vollrath 59500P is a 5-star product at, so Induction Cooktop Reviews decided to check it out so that we can see for ourselves if this is indeed a “perfect” induction stove. It seems a little expensive for a 1 burner unit; so there must be something about it that makes it special and […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews -Nuwave PIC

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Nuwave PIC Precision Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop Reviews loves cooking, and we love whipping ourselves into a culinary fervor in an induction kitchen, because we’re now addicted to precision cooking, safer cooktops, and cooler kitchens. We’re very happy with our Miele KM5753 30″ Induction Cooktop and we’re thrilled with the results we’ve achieved that previously eluded us when we prepared our […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews _ Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

As some of our readers are clamoring for more reviews on portable types of induction burners, Induction Cooktop Reviews (ICR) decided to tackle on the Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop this time. The company is a pioneer in the induction technology, and we’d like to think that all their products are efficient and functional. ICR went […]

Induction cooktop Reviews GE PHP900SMSS 30 Inch

Induction Cooktop Reviews – GE PHP900SMSS 30 Inch Stainless Steel Electric Cooktop

More and more of our friends here at Induction Cooktop Reviews are getting interested in the magnetic heat wave style of cooking. But since the portable ones are quite limited as these mostly come in 1 or 2-burner models only, the need for a bigger induction cooktop has come into play. Aside from the convenience […]

Induction Cooktop Review True Induction Double Burner

Induction Cooktop Reviews – True Induction S2F3 Double Burner Counter Inset Model

Since most counter inset models of induction cooktops are big and expensive, Induction Cooktop Reviews was glad to have found an affordable unit that also occupies minimal space on the counter. This True Induction cooktop has 2 burners, so it is more functional than single-burner portable units. However, since this is installed into the main […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews - Bosch NIT8665UC

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Bosch NIT8665UC 800 Series 36” Induction Cooktop with SteelTouch Control and Autochef

Induction Cooktop Reviews found one of the biggest built-in styles of induction stoves available on the market with the Bosch NIT8665UC model. This is ideal for big kitchens as it has a wide cooking surface of 36 inches. You will also like this model if you are constantly using a lot of different cooking vessels […]

Inductiion Cooktop Review new logo

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Summit 3.25” x 12” Induction Cooktop SINC1110

This Summit model of induction stove is small and Induction Cooktop Reviews sees that it can be built in into the kitchen counter easily. It only has a single burner, but it can accommodate large-sized pans. And as we all know with magnetic cooking, there’s no heat wasted even if you make use of small cooking […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews - Tatung Cooktop 1500

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Tatung Induction Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot

Induction Cooktop Reviews is taking a look at the Tatung portable Induction Cooker to see if it’s worthy of being recommended to our valued readers and friends. As the popularity of induction cooking continues to grow, we are being asked more and more about which products are good and which are not. With the Tatung […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews KitchenAid Architect Series II KICU509xBL

Induction Cooktop Reviews Inspects KitchenAid Architect Series II KICU509XBL 30

Induction Cooktop Reviews received a request for a 4-burner type of induction cooktop review, and the KitchenAid KICU509XBL 30 became our choice for this particular purpose. Considered to be experts in the field of induction cooking, we are going to look at the features of this particular model one by one and see if it’s […]

Induction Cooktop Reviews Summit SINCFS1 Single Zone

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Summit Appliance SINCFS1 Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop Reviews is a proud owner of the Summit SINCFS1 Induction Cooktop. It was a gift, and at that time, we didn’t even know about this type of cooking appliance. But now that we have cooked a hundred meals on it, we can confidently say that we know a great deal about the range […]

nduction cooktop Reviews - Iwatani IWA 1800 Table Top Induction Stove

Induction Cooktop Reviews – Iwatani IWA 1800 Table-Top Induction Stove

As induction cooking fans, Induction Cooktop Reviews knows all types, shapes, and sizes of induction stoves in the market. The Iwatani IWA 1800 Table-Top, as the name suggests, is a portable type of device that can be easily transferred from one place to another without too much trouble. In spite of its small and lightweight […]